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Counter-Current Fume Scrubber Systems

Our standard counter-current Packed Scrubbers (SPT series) have been pre-engineered to remove corrosive gases and liquid particulates from air streams containing either a single pollutant or a combination of pollutants. All standard scrubbers have been designed to achieve high collection efficiencies with maximum corrosion resistance and minimum maintenance. The standard scrubbers are manufactured from fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and contain no metal parts.



1. Maximum vacuum: 6” water column (w.c.)
2. Maximum pressure: +10” water column (w.c.)
3. The top is designed to support one man.
4. The bottom is designed for full pedestal support.
5. Access manholes, nozzles and internal supports attached to the shell are designed to withstand all expected stresses and to assure the same corrosion resistance as the shell.
6. The shell is designed with additional space for a future increase in packing depth. This minimizes the initial investment and permits an increase in scrubber efficiency if future air pollution control regulations become more stringent.

Inlet and Outlet

The inlet and outlet designs are critical to the scrubbing efficiency. They can help eliminate channeling, which occurs when the air stream and liquid flow fellow separate paths through the packed bed and do not intermix.

This greatly reduces scrubber efficiency. To prevent channeling, the scrubber inlet should give even air distribution across the entire packing area.

In the outlet design, factors such as proximity to the entrainment separator and the air stream velocity through the outlet must be evaluated to prevent channeling in both the packed bed and entrainment separator.


The standard scrubbers contain an integral sump use of the lower scrubber shell as an integral sump, providing a two to three minute supply of re-circulating liquid, gives a completely unitized, corrosion resistant scrubber at minimum cost.

For emergency chlorine scrubber system, a base tank is provided for scrubbing liquid (caustic soda solution) storage instead of a normal sump tank.

Liquid Distribution System

The liquid distribution system for this scrubber is designed to make maximum use of the scrubbing liquid and achieve maximum scrubbing efficiency. To obtain the best possible liquid distribution, spray header assemblies with low pressure, large orifice spray nozzles are used.

All header piping and spray nozzles can be easily inspected and removed for maintenance and cleaning.

Components Parts

All our standard scrubbers include:

1. Access doors. (Manholes)
2. Spray headers and spray nozzles.
3. All piping connections, drain, overflow,  pump suction and make-up nozzles.
4. Internal structure supports.
5. Packing material (material PP)
6. Packing support plates.
7. Hold-down lugs

Optional Accessories

1. Lifting lugs
2. Liquid level control
3. Re-circulating pumps
4. Re-circulating piping, shipped loose for field assembly, includes strainer, valves, pipe fittings and pressure gauge.
5. Access door in sump (Manhole)
6. See-through access doors (View Ports)
7. pH recording and control instrumentation

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