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FRP Pipes and Fittings

Our fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) or Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) pipes and fittings are designed and made to BS7159. Pipe thickness fabricated according to this code is generally thicker than those ASTM codes such as ASTM D2996 and ASTM D3517.

All pipe and fittings have 2mm thick minimum corrosion barrier. And depending on the type of medium running inside the pipe, we will custom-made the corrosion barrier both in terms of thickness and type of material for every application. We can produce dual laminate pipe and fittings if thermoplastic liner is required for cases where fiberglass liner is not resistant to the chemical.

All standard pipes and fittings are coated with grey pigmented topcoat with UV absorber added into it for protecting the pipe and fittings against the ultra-violet rays. In cases when UV protection and accurate color coding of pipes and fittings is important, we have the flexibility of using polyurethane paint.

Our pipes are used to convey mostly the corrosive medium as they are all custom design and made to meet specific design condition, unlike the standard commodity pipe.

The types of resins we use are:

a. Bisphenol A epoxy vinyl ester resin
b. Novolac epoxy vinyl ester resin
c. Isophthalic polyester reisn

Pipes are produced in standard lengths of:

a. 3m length for size 1-1/2” and below
b. 5m length for size bigger than 2” and above.

Smooth elbow for all sizes 24” and below. Elbow that is bigger than 24” will be produced in mitered sections.

Standard connection method between pipes and pipes, pipes and fitting is butt & wrap. It is by far one of the most reliable method in joining FRP pipes and fittings. It also provides some flexibility for joining misaligned pipes with the equipment.

Flanges can be supplied either in weld-neck full flat face type or weld-neck stub end c/w loose backing rings. We can fabricate flanges to any international drilling standards.

There are 4 Classes in BS7159:

a. Class 1    Design strain: 0.0018        Normal temp, mild chemical
b. Class 2    Design strain: 0.0015        High temp, mild chemical
c. Class 3    Design strain: 0.0012        Normal temp, severe chemical
d. Class 4    Design strain: 0.0009        High temp, severe chemical

We can supply either in the form of:

a. Loose standard pipe and fittings or
b. Pipe spools according to client’s drawings

For field service we can provide qualified laminators to help client perform butt & wrap joints. Or we can provide training to the client’s technicians at our workshop in Nilai on how to perform the butt & wrap joint.

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